Thank you for booking a treatment

Thank you for booking!

Thank you for booking a treatment – I look forward to meeting you!  Candace

Some information about your treatment, to read before your appointment.

The appointment will be at Health Conscious Health Food Shop, in The Precinct, Llantwit Major.  When you arrive for your appointment, please come into the shop and wait by the orange sofa which is near the till.  I will come and collect you when your appointment time is due, and take you to the treatment room which is a ground floor room accessed through a door in the shop.

During the initial treatment I will carry out a consultation, to understand any health conditions you have and to note medication you may be taking.  This information ensures I provide the most appropriate treatment for you.  The consultation generally takes ten to fifteen minutes, depending on complexity of health conditions, and forms part of the initial appointment time. Once we have completed the consultation,  I will then ask you to sign a consent to treatment.  All information I collect is confidential and kept securely and in accordance with the GDPR privacy regulations.

Prior to your treatment please read my privacy statement , found on my website., as prior to your treatment I will need to ask you to sign a paper copy of my GDPR privacy statement to confirm you agree with how I will retain your information.  This is something every organisation or practitioner holding personal information needs to do, since the recent introduction of GDPR.


About the treatment itself …

Massage treatments take place on a couch, and I will leave the room to give you privacy to undress to your underwear.  A drape is provided to allow you to fully cover yourself, and only agreed areas of the body to be treated will be uncovered during the treatment.  Depending on your preference, during the treatment I can use either a hypoallergenic sports wax, or sweet almond and grapeseed oil base specially blended with essential oils.

Reflexology treatments take place with you fully clothed and generally on a specialised reclining reflexology chair.  However, if you find reclining uncomfortable treatments can be provided on a couch instead, with pillows and bolsters ensuring you are completely comfortable and that your feet are in the correct position for treatment.  For the treatment I use a specialised reflexology cream, incorporating my own special blend of essential oils which contain properties beneficial to the skin on your feet.

The focus will always be an individualised treatment just for you.



Appointments cost £40 for 60 minutes and £55 for 90 minutes.  Consultations for new clients take place within the first appointment.

Appointments can be paid for using cash, or card, though cash is preferred due to commissions deducted from card payments.

MPORTANT Cancellation Policy :  It is difficult to fill cancelled appointment slots if late notice is given.  For this reason I ask for at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or re-arrange an appointment.  If appointments are cancelled with less than 24 hours to go before the appointment time, I charge £20 cancellation fee for 60 minute appointments and £30 for 90 minute appointments.