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About me

My name is Candace and I hold a BSc (Hons) Complementary Healthcare (with Practitioner Status) Degree.  I am a fully insured Complementary Healthcare Practitioner registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, offering holistic healthcare treatments in Remedial Massage, Clinical Reflexology and Clinical Aromatherapy.  I provide treatments from my clinic in Llantwit Major at Health Conscious health food shop in The Precinct, Llantwit Major.

I also provide visits to nursing and residential care home settings, and have a breadth of experience in supporting individuals with mental health problems and / or learning disabilities.  This area of work is of particularly interest to me.  My usual arrangement when treating clients in a residential or care home setting is that I visit the home for a 2-4 hour session, and up to 6-12 residents are provided with around a 20 minute hand / arm or foot/ lower leg massage. As a Clinical Aromatherapist I am able to prepare appropriate massage oil blends, which smell incredible too!, for all treatments, adding to the experience for the resident.

I have enhanced Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) clearance, enabling me to work with more vulnerable clients.

I have Level 4 in Holistic Massage and studied advanced remedial massage techniques with a registered Osteopath which included Soft Tissue work and techniques such as Muscle Energy and Positional Release.  My massage training enables me to carry out postural assessments for musculoskeletal imbalances, and to use effective soft tissue, Muscle Energy and Positional Release techniques appropriate to addressing areas of tension and discomfort.

I am also trained to Level 5 in Clinical Reflexology, including pre-conception techniques, and Level 5 in Clinical Aromatherapy.

I am registered with the Massage Training Institute (MTI); Association of Reflexologists (AOR) and the International Federation of Professional Therapists (IFPA). I am also registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council for Holistic Massage (registration for Clinical Aromatherapy and Clinical Reflexology is in the process of being added).

The 3 year BSc (Hons) degree programme, as a science degree, includes training in anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology, giving practitioners graduating from the programme a detailed understanding of the mechanics of the body and knowledge of health conditions.  Receiving a treatment from a practitioner trained on this programme ensures the therapist fully understands the effect a treatment will have on you, as an individual, so you receive the treatment most appropriate for your needs.  My level of training also means that, if you have health insurance which covers complementary healthcare, you can claim back the cost of your treatment from your cover provider.

Receiving a treatment from a therapist registered with MTI, AOR and IFPA ensures the treatment you receive meets the strict criteria of these associations.  My registration with the regulatory body the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) offers further reassurance of the quality of the training I have undergone to ensure the treatment I offer is most appropriate to your needs, and assuring that I am obliged to continue to attend Continuous Personal Development (CPD) to maintain and improve my skills.

You can find out more about the MTI by accessing ; AOR by accessing ; IFPA by accessing and the CNHC by accessing

The detailed three years of training I’ve undergone has enabled me to fully appreciate the impact my treatments have on the whole of the person so that I am able to offer the most appropriate and individualised treatments.

For further details please contact me using the Contact Me page on this site; email me at or contact me on mobile number 07597 696986

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Why Holly Tree?

The name Holly Tree Holistic Healthcare was born from my affinity for the Holly Tree. According to the ancient wisdom described in the book Earth Widsom, by Glennie Kindred Holly “represents restored balance, restored direction, Unconditional Love and increased detachment from emotional turmoil.”


Which I think is rather lovely, and something to which, perhaps, we should all aspire.


Holly Tree Holistic Healthcare …

                                                  …  Complementary Healthcare to help you optimise your physical and mental wellbeing